Janshakti Chetna Foundation


 Programmes or Plan of Actions

 To initiate pioneering programs that can serve as an example and a model in various areas of human development; To initiate programmes for livelihood & for eradication of poverty, projects for eradication of hunger, thirst & under nutrition; To provide shelter, clothes and food to vulnerable, landless, below poverty line families & other needy and poor people; Addressing poverty through education and skills training; To engage in any charitable activities for the welfare and betterment of the society and /or engage in activities which provide meaningful employment for the poor and weaker sections of the society. Housing programmes and shelter for poor and needy; etc.

  To train the young men and women for facing the challenges of the pluralistic society and the rising conflicts and tensions in the name of particularistic loyalties to caste, religion and culture and to work in close cooperation with national ‘Human Rights Commissions’ on women, minorities, S.C., S.T. and NGOs and media organizations for promoting human rights education; To make people aware of “Human Rights & Duties”, conduct human rights training camps & workshops; To maintain, encourage, and assist/help setting up centers for promotion of human rights, liberties, and social justice & fundamental rights; To develop a more distinctive and effective role to fulfill the human rights and spread the messages/values of human rights by way of human rights education; To establish and conduct centers of treatment and rehabilitation for the victims of violators of human rights, liberties, social justice & fundamental rights; etc.

  To initiate programmes for girls & women empowerment & gender equality; Providing the essential methods for the development of women and children, by giving them access to existing public services, and giving them the means to exercise their rights; Entrepreneurship development among women both in rural and urban areas of Kerala; Vocational training programmes and income generation programmes for women in cooking & catering, food products, ready to eat, ready to cook, ready to prepare foods in wet, dry, baked and fried formats from spices, condiments, cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables, fish selling, milk, based products, dairying, tailoring and embroidery, handicrafts and other traditional industries, candle making, beauty courses, computer education, etc & other alternate livelihood options and development programmes for women & girls; To provide help and assistance for the widows and orphans in the rural area, sub-urban and urban areas of the society; To encourage and train the rural women to actively participate in the rural reconstruction and reorganization and to fight for their rights and privileges and to create equal opportunities, on par with the male in the society; To undertake women and child welfare activities and to take natal, antenatal, postnatal care; To encourage the urban, rural and tribal women, to take part in construction of school building, irrigation works, laying of roads, low costs building and raising of nurseries; To rehabilitate the widows, victimized, discarded, helpless and destitute female in the organization and provide them financial, social, political & moral support and essential training to start their own work to make them self-depended and self-reliance to lead a better life in the organization; Programmes of financial assistance to women’s programs at community levels; To evolve strategies and schemes for women in the form of mass media campaigns, community awareness programs, integrated education programs, help lines etc; To give counseling, in person and via helpline for women; etc.

  To initiate various interventions and programmes to protect the rights of the elderly and provide relief to them through: To set up old age homes; Recreation centers for senior citizens to be cared for in the daytime when the family members go for their work; Provide food and medical support and facilities to the old aged persons; To celebrate festivals and to organize social, religious and cultural functions for the older adults; To encourage the appropriate use of reverse mortgages/paying guest to help older adults get long-term care services at home; To provide training and employment opportunities to low-income older adults; To be a significant, resource centre for developing and implementing healthy aging programs such as health promotion, falls prevention, disease prevention, and chronic disease self-management and to organize, subscribe and undertake community service projects in the interest of objects; To evolve strategies and schemes for elderly in the form of mass media campaigns, community awareness programs, integrated education programs, help lines etc; To give counseling, in person and online for senior citizens; Open libraries and reading room facilities for the old aged persons free of costs; Co-ordinate safety and security of senior citizens with the help of local police; Ensure regular interaction with senior citizens through home visits; Co-ordinate police verification of domestic help(s)/ tenants by local police stations etc; To collect and obtain all information, on matters affecting the older adults, make representations to various authorities and to appear before any authorities in the interest of, protection and betterment of the older adults and to publish and circulate these and any other matters to members, media, government agencies and others; etc.

  To initiate programmes for child health and nutrition, reduce child mortality, prevention of violence against children, education programmes for children, open and maintain home care facilities for the underprivileged and orphaned children; To adopt and rehabilitate helpless, beggars, orphans, abused, poor, handicapped, chronic disease affected and such other children of similar problems; To carry out various child development projects to provide opportunities for the proper development of children; To implement various schemes relating to family welfare, health, entertainment etc, for the intellectual, psychological and physical development of the children; To give counseling, in person and via helpline for children; To establish and run the  educational institutions like pre-primary schools, primary schools, upper primary schools, early children education centers, coaching centers, condensed courses, adult educational centers, non formal education centers, etc; To establish child care centers in order to provide formal, informal and technical education to the neglected and poor children; To provide moral support to the plight of juvenile prisoners detained at various jails throughout the country; Educate parents and caregivers to ensure that positive parenting approaches are used for children’s upbringing; Ensure renovation and furnishing of pre-school infrastructures, training of teachers and nurses, and working with local authorities and pre-school management teams to develop long-term sustainability solutions; To conduct career guidance programmes, health checkups, health and nutrition programmes, drug sensitization programmes, etc.

  Counseling, training and services in youth development. To provide vocational training programmes, skills development for unemployed youth, leadership development programmes for youth, sports training for youth, legal support and other programmes of development for youth; Registering unemployed youth; To solve the problem of unemployment through self employment units like vocational training centre, small scale and cottage industries, factories, tourism activities etc; To utilise sports, culture and art as a framework to improve health, fitness and emotional well-being of the society; Promoting computer education, distribution of computer to schools; To fight against social evils & anti social elements such as drugs, alcohol, AIDS, alcohol, poverty, illiteracy, insurgency etc; To establish and run various welfare centers to promote de-addiction and overall human development; Respond to social and political agendas relating to young people and the youth services sector; etc.

  Through programmes that encompass rehabilitation, employment, training, education, consultation and assessment in assistive technology, day care, and social service support, we work in partnership with people with disabilities to maximize their potential and to help them to be self-reliant and independent. To facilitate rehabilitation of people with disabilities through vocational; skill development, etc; Teaching to learn useful vocational training to lead life of equality with dignity in the society they live; To offer rehabilitation to mentally/physically challenged persons and to provide medical and other health facilities to all type of future children; To provide rehabilitation equipment like wheel chairs, special bicycles and tricycles, getters,walkers, hearing aids, symbol boards, blind sticks, and special and basic education stationery to the physically challenged people; To provide counseling to the parents about the problems faced by their mentally/physically challenged child and the need of rehabilitation to lead a life of equality in the society; To create awareness among the members of the society about the formidable challenges faced by the mentally/physically challenged and to encourage their participation in all fields; Helping and teaching the mentally/physically challenged to select useful hobbies to meet their livelihood; Educating parents about teaching the household chores and daily activities which would help the mentally/physically challenged to lead an independent life; Making the mentally/physically challenged and their family members to know about the Government’s welfare and assistance; To increase the education level of all kind of mentally/physically challenged using the teaching and learning material (TLM) specially designed for them; To develop the rehabilitation centre working as a day care centre at present to a fully fledged residential home in future; To extend support by instituting scholarships or other means of achieving excellence in areas having a bearing on economic well being of the poor disabled; To evolve strategies and schemes for people with disability in the form of mass media campaigns, community awareness programs, integrated education programmes, help lines etc; Introduce specialized computer therapy software for people with multiple disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, etc and educate them on the powers of the internet; To give psychological counseling, in person and online for people with disabilities, guardians; etc.

  To promote awareness and public consciousness relating to health. To conduct various programmes to promote a better understanding and acceptance of good health practices; To educate through seminars, workshops and conferences so that there will be a reduction in premature death and preventable deaths; To provide free health services and distribute medicine; To find out different types of diseases and assist in eradicating them; The programmes could be in the form of treatment and awareness for diseases and to work for preventive measures, maintaining good health and nutrition; To spread general awareness about serious problems like and health & disease like-HIV/Aids, Leprosy, T.B, Dengue, Malaria, Swine Flu and other problems which arises from time to time with the objective of their prevention, precautions and tacklement; Financial and medical assistance for treatments and surgeries for needy; To facilitate and promote awareness among the people to donate various organs of human body within preview of law; To organize medical camps on various issues of health, blood donation camps, organ donation camps & the like; Provide access to affordable, essential drugs; Information of generic medicines; To create awareness and implement various projects on ‘Public Health and Family Welfare’ and to organize ‘Awareness Movement’ for population control, sanitation, clean drinking water, and to prevent epidemics and to arrange for basic medical, clinical and para medical facilities; Conduct mosquito eradication programmes–To provide quality public information, comprehensive mosquito and vector-borne disease surveillance, training to high professional standards, and effective legislative advocacy; creation of an addiction free society; and so on.

  To implement various integrity based programmes to develop the leadership capacity of the society and inculcating the sense of belongings amongst people of all groups and religion.

  Promote the backward areas by various development programmes. Providing and arranging economic and material assistance to people in rural areas especially at time of natural calamities like drought, floods, earth quakes, fire accidents, etc; Conducting personality development programs for rural students; Job oriented and non formal technical education for rural mass of age group 18 to 25 years; Establishing need based computer centers in the rural high schools; Conducting rural sports and cultural meet; Providing and arranging economic and material assistance to people in rural areas especially at time of natural calamities like drought, floods, earth quakes, fire accidents, etc; Organizing adventure camps for high school students and college students and to expose the campers in bird watching, nature study, boating, astronomy, stars, sky, rain, trekking, mountaineering, etc; Organizing summer science camp for rural high school and middle school students; Conducting activities on soil and moisture conservation in rural areas; Conducting activities on rain water harvesting; Need based establishment of check dams, and rain water harvesting systems; Providing backward and forward linkages to the rural economy by allowing them access to the global technology, funds and market;Marketing of products produced by rural producers as an initiative towards creating livelihood for people and making them self sustainable–The product range includes food processing items like jams, sauces, pickles, juices, and other durable items including carpets, coir fiber etc; To provide bore-wells community-wells, irrigation schemes, constructions of godowns for storage of food grains and fertilizers; etc.

  Take steps to ensure that problems, constraints and needs to the farming system based agriculture development are identified and diagnosed periodically; Draw up plans for an integrated research-extension linkage approach for farming systems based agriculture development; Ensure that line departments/institutions draw up integrated development plan based upon resources available with them and incremental/supplementary resources; Forge or develop systematic linkages between national/state/district institutions of excellence in the field of agriculture and marketing; Ensure capacity building of manpower engaged in overall agricultural development and strengthen infrastructural support for the benefit of the farmer/producer; Create suitable mechanism to ensure location specific adaptive, indigenous knowledge based research; Ensure adequate linkages and frequent interaction between scientists, extension functionaries and technicians & farmers, in order to prepare an integrated plan to effectuate their linkage, support each other, better understanding and appreciation of their problems, means adopted to sort out problems and plans etc., and to develop a mechanism of feed back; Ensure capacity building of the ultimate users-the farmers in terms of physical, financial and skill resources base by way of adequate financial support channelized through credit institutions, private investments and training for skill up gradation; Facilitate farmers’ organization to take lead role in mobilizing support services and resources; Facilitate private investments for infrastructure development, private institutions have to take lead in the delivery of goods and services to ultimate users (farmers); Facilitate the processing and marketing activities of the agricultural, livestock, dairy, poultry, silk and allied produce of the farmers with the help of private sector institutions; To establish farm and business information centers, establish distribution centers for selling of agricultural products (ex: fruits & vegetables); facilities for commerce, trade and business, cottage industry, agriculture oriented or agricultural bases industry, horti-floriculture; etc.

  Carry out programmes that facilitate knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship activities. Provide mentors who inspire, support and empower entrepreneurs in achieving their business and personal potential, encouraging sustainable job creation and social and economic development; Create physical infrastructure and support systems necessary for business incubation activities; Facilitate networking with professional resources, which include mentors, experts, consultants and advisors for the incubate companies; Help community colleges nationwide link their traditional role of workforce development with entrepreneurial development; Starting of micro finance (SHGs) and micro small & medium enterprises; To collate information on various government, non-governments schemes initiatives of micro finance as updated from time to time; Providing vocational training with placement as well as employability skills training and career guidance to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Kerala; Helping young people to develop new skills, by giving them access to relevant vocational training and connecting them with employers, we enable them to take control of their own careers and lives, and to help their families break out of the cycle of poverty; etc.

  Developing various programmes and activities for promotion, conservation and preservation of environment. To plan, organize and implement programmes and projects for energy conservation and emphasis on the usage of renewable sources of energy; To plan and organize programmes and projects for greening our ‘Mother Earth’ by setting out plans and projects for greening of mind, atmosphere, culture, wisdom, education, technology as well as development; To provide consultancy in solid waste management and recycling/reuse techniques; Suitable action plan for encouraging/promoting recycling of waste products into compost, manufacturing of products made out of recycled plastics into dustbins, mats, cloth, hangers etc; To provide environmental education that prepares students for leadership and social responsibility by teaching them to think and communicate effectively and develop global environmental awareness and sensitivity for better understanding, world peace and unity with a view to protect our Mother Earth; To introduce environmental education programmes in different schools, colleges/institutions and Universities and strengthen the existing ecological and environment related training infrastructure; etc.

  To manage, train and research on various schemes relating to watershed, participatory irrigation management, development of fallow land. To plan, organize and implement programmes and projects for water management & conservation and rain water harvesting; To implement and co-ordinate various projects aimed towards development
and maintenance of plantations and all other projects/issues for dealing bio-diversities and also to carry out research activities; To provide training programs for village level workers and for the corporate and voluntary sectors for strengthening their afforestation programs through better utilization of land and water resources; To help establish linkages with financial institutions, rural communities and government agencies for establishing plantations of suitable species of trees and related activities; To assist village communities, private and public sector corporation, voluntary agencies and other institutions to establish plantations of suitable species of trees with the co-operation and help, wherever necessary, of financial institutions and government agencies; To create awareness and spreading knowledge about safe drinking water, environmental protection, conservation & so on; To take measures to improve canals, water courses and tanks; etc.

  To work on projects for animal husbandry; animal medical care and animal rights and to implement projects; Working for animal welfare by providing medical care and shelter for sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals; Start dispensaries, mobile clinics that neuter and spray stray cats and dogs and overall care of the animals; Promoting animal birth control program and discouraging brutal extermination of stray animals; etc.

  To conduct programmes of accident prevention & precaution, rescue initiatives for the benefit of the whole society. Public Awareness related to different risk factors: Helmet Wearing, Drunk Driving, Mobile Phone Use and Speeding; Networking with companies willing to promote road safety and with student volunteers at the national faculty; Road Safety Education with the development of a road safety curriculum for primary schools, Community Based Road Safety (CBRS); Support to the Road Crash Prevention Team, a group of volunteers affected by road crashes; Programmes for accident prevention in workplace; etc.

  Programmes to control/manage the situation arising out of natural calamities like flood, earthquake, draught, epidemic etc; To provide necessary relief to the victims by securing financial and material support/assistance from other institutions, agencies and persons.

  Programmes for fighting corruption. We aim at raising public awareness about corruption, and at building a powerful and inclusive network in order to increase pressure on governmental forces; At promoting institutional reform and the stigmatization of corrupt behaviors’, to free Kerala from the corruption plague.

  To impart general awareness about social evils, superstitions & other problems and methods to overcome them. To educate the deprived communities, groups, poor people, persons of below poverty line, villagers, cultivators, minorities, backward, tribes and other needy persons about social evils, superstitions, through various means and methods of communication such as personal meeting, arranging short drama/plays, electronic media, TV serials, documentary films, display of literature, articles or by taking help from already existing societies, social workers, psychologist, doctors, professionals, renowned celebrities beside all other helps which may be available from time to time.

  To open training camps and workshops for the development of arts, plays and culture. To revive and encourage the Indian cultural and literature, and literacy, cultural and other social activities; etc.

  Preventing and opposing the destruction of heritage sites, manuscripts, buildings of archaeological significance and bring such action to the notice of the district authorities; Identify people in the area who are lovers of heritage and are interested in preserving heritage buildings, monuments, natural and ecologically sensitive areas as well as intangible assets in rural and tribal areas; Identify institutions which are already working in heritage preservation or collection and documentation of archival material; Collate information about heritage sites; Visit schools and colleges and educate them about heritage sites and their preservation.

  To carry out various schemes for the development of handicraft and other traditional industries and to arrange for necessary training and availability of techniques for artisans to make them self-reliant.

  Seeking details through RTI and high light in general for the awareness of masses. Take up such matter through representation or taking appropriate legal actions as may be deemed fit from time to time such as by filing PIL, consumer complaints, lodging compliant before marketing commission and other available measures as per law.

  To make aware the general public about their consumer rights and guide them to get rid of cheating, misrepresentation, malfunctioning or other unfair trade practices of the market; etc.

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