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NGO  Janshakti Chetna Foundation was registered in Delhi under the Societies Registration Act (XXI) of 1860 on June 16, 2017, by a group of professionals who shared a dream to work on a people-centric model of development in areas of public health, education, women empowerment, community development and social welfare. Inspired by Gandhian ideals of social change, our primary objective is to:

  •      Empower the poor and marginalised;
  • Provide shelter to the sick and destitute;
  • Promote community health programmes and services;
  • Support literacy centres and e-learning;
  • Work towards empowerment of women;
  • Facilitate livelihood programmes;
  • Help the poor access information and resources;
  • Work for environment protection and conservation.

From very beginning, we, at Janshakti Chetna Foundation, believe that development has to be holistic  to break the vicious cycle of poverty to bring the real fruits to the needy. We wish to bring about visible  change on the ground by focusing our energies in these sectors as well as building our understanding about related issues. We, firmly believe that a conducive and productive environment cannot be achieved unless all parameters of the development equation are adequately addressed.

Kunwar Rajal Arora / Founder

our NGO has a social vision which is genuine and path breaking. The broad spectrum of our activities and their success rate within a short span of time speak about the dedicated work done by ‘Janshakti Chetna Foundation’.Our NGO has the vision to providing quality health care to the people; To educate people about health awareness, prevention of sickness and all such other activities for the purpose of promotion of true state of health. We aims to work towards development of nature and environment; To create awareness about nature and its preservation; To develop a healthy human nature coordination; To work towards development of ecological system, prevent abuse of nature and prevent cruelty against animal/s, bird/s and other living beings; To stimulate optimal and harmonious use of natural resources, recycling etc.

Our NGO assist to work towards development and integration of people living in a far remote and underdeveloped area/s, village/s, tribe/s etc; Acting as a watchdog against human rights violations; Providing support to farmer agriculture and fisheries; Promoting efforts to reduce poverty and unemployment; Initiate activities for accident prevention and rescue initiative; Dealing with humanitarian emergencies, whether natural or manmade; promote the rights and interests of the consumers; To work towards development of science, art, craft, culture, handicrafts and traditional industries, literature, music, games and sports and other means of expression; Protection of antique and archaeological collections; and other related activities.

We endeavors to achieve its mission and vision by developing a strong management structure, gradually putting in place its process and procedure to mobilize the community to support its projects and campaigns.,

We seeks to learn from and co-operate with others for continuous improvement to serve the community better. Carrying out various activities, our organization co-operates with the government, local governmental bodies, local and international organizations, foundations, mass media and the private sector. ‘Society For Social Vision’ continue to look for new partners and allies to collaborate with, including UN, organizations within employers groups, employee organizations, rehabilitation organizations and other international agencies, medical professionals, rehabilitation professionals, architects, policy makers, researchers and others. Co-operation with other stakeholders make our work more meaningful and we share visions and goals with many other organizations and institutions.

Strengthen our hands to create ‘a ray of hope and way forward’. The awareness created through this website and its visitors gives us the courage to carry on in our endeavors. I, on behalf of ‘Janshakti Chetna Foundation’, offer our services to all those who wish to avail them. Thank you all for visiting our website and being part of this critically important campaign to bring about positive changes in people’s lives.

Together we can face the future with confidence and optimism. Looking forward to your invaluable and constructive comments, guidance and assistance.

Warm Regards,
Mr Kunwar Rajal Arora
Founder & President

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